Parmer Montessori Academy
A branch of Arbor Montessori Academy
Enrichment Activities

Apart from working in the classroom, all our children participate in a variety of diversified activities which enhances their love of learning.


Children enjoy planting in their garden during the Fall, Spring & Summer. They discover the joy of planting, watering and watching their garden grow. They also enjoy the fruits of their labor when they pick their vegetables and enjoy them for a healthy snack.

Foreign Languages

All children are introduced to a foreign language throughout the year. Children build basic vocabulary and begin to develop an understanding and appreciation of a foreign culture and language.


Kinderdance is a movement and fitness program specifically designed for young children. The emphasis of the program is to expose children to various forms of dance and movement while having fun learning. The basics of ballet, tap and creative movement are taught while blending numbers, colors, shapes and words into each lesson. The children are provided with appropriate physical, imaginative and critical thinking exercises that contribute to their development as a whole. Children participate once a week in the Kinderdance program.

Arts & Crafts

Children are encouraged to work independently on age appropriate, theme oriented projects. Projects aid development of hand eye coordination and attention, along with a sense of imagination, and creativity.


Children help prepare their morning snack. While preparing snacks, they are exposed to concepts such as measuring, preparing ingredients and different food groups. They also feel a great sense of satisfaction when they share their treats with friends at snack time.