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Parent Testimonials

What our Parents are saying about us ...

"My daughter Gina has been enrolled in North Austin Montessori School for almost three years, and she is a thriving, happy child who loves to learn. NAMS is a small, intimate school that provides a truly nurturing yet challenging environment. The school follows the Montessori philosophy and educational approach of learning by doing. My daughter is able to engage in a wide variety of activities – art, math, reading, Spanish, writing, geography, music, yoga, gardening, dancing, exercise – all focused on making discoveries so that a love of learning is instilled. The school also teaches emotional and social skills, fostering the development of independent, polite, gracious, and responsible children. The school is multi-cultural, and the teachers and children celebrate diversity. Gina loves her teachers and looks forward to going to school every day, and it is for all these reasons that I highly recommend NAMS."
-- Teresa DeOnis

"My daughter, Miranda, has attended NAMS since October 2003. Originally, I chose NAMS because, unlike the other centers I was looking at, NAMS offered a solid curriculum for a reasonable tuition. Miranda and I adjusted to her new school very quickly, thanks to the guidance of the directors and teachers. Now, NAMS is Miranda’s second home! Over the years, Miranda has learned and been introduced to everything from Life Skills and Yoga to Math Spanish, and Reading. The care, support and communication that Miranda and I have both received over the years are the reasons why I highly recommend NAMS. Please feel free to contact me at, if you have any questions or need additional information."
-- Toni Westberry

"At 16 months we felt like our daughter needed some socialization and a chance to learn outside of our home. We visited every Montessori School in North and Central Austin and, easily made the decision that North Austin Montessori would be a great fit for us. Our decision is validated daily; she's developing skills that will help her to embrace a life time of learning while in a secure and loving environment. School is fun for her--and this is the best foundation we could ever want for our child."
-- Lacy Gross

"We have been involved with NAMS for over 2 years. We have found the staff to be accommodating and understanding. The teachers are genuinely interested in my children doing well. I feel the school has a good balance of learning and fun. My children have excelled in so many ways and I feel that NAMS is responsible for fostering their learning when they aren't at home. In addition, the parent-teacher conferences help with making sure that teaching and parenting are consistent when it comes to the child's development and discipline."
-- Stella Nelms, PhD

"We became familiar with the Montessori Method through North Austin Montessori School (NAMS) in 1998. Having quickly become disenchanted with Austin’s franchised childcare, smaller schools, and in-home care, we searched for something better for our children. What we had in mind was something personal and nurturing for our sons – a place where our family would feel a strong community bond and an environment where our sons would blossom.

We never would have known, back then, what an impact Montessori would make on our lives – not just our children’s. Unhappy with typical daycare experiences, we feel fortunate to have found Mrs. Perera and her school. We scheduled an informal interview with Mrs. Perera and our oldest son before he started and she helped us become acquainted with the materials used in the classroom. The materials we saw were elegant and simple, and, when we thought about it, the purpose of each made sense, as each fit into the much larger Montessori Method.

As a family, we had only vaguely heard of Maria Montessori and her research. But for the past 9 years, we have experienced in awe the transitions that are part of Montessori’s three-year cycle. My older son started in Montessori at 2 ½ years; my younger son began at 18 months. They are now 11 and 8 years old and have continued in the Method of learning through yet another established Montessori school in Austin once they were too old to continue at NAMS.

Our family is grateful to Mrs. Perera and to NAMS for maintaining their commitment to AMI and to current and former students who have benefited from the school’s care and compassion.

What we have experienced several times over is watching our sons blossom in their third year in Montessori. By the final year in the third-year cycle, Montessori children radiate confidence and leadership. This has happened in the 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 cycles for both our sons. Each time, as they enter their third year, something quite marvelous happens. They’ve mastered their work and they’ve taken it to new heights. When our older son was 9, after he had completed his testing, we discovered that in areas of his development he was performing at a 10th-grade level.

We are most grateful to Mrs. Perera and to Tammy Perera for continuing their exceptional work. Our family attributes our sons’ exceptional growth to the foundation laid by NAMS. Our sons still enjoy returning to NAMS to visit each summer or during the holidays.

If you’re considering Montessori and NAMS, I encourage you to observe students in the classroom environment. Pay particular attention to returning students. They will stand out from the crowd and, in most cases, leave you in awe of their maturity, leadership, and confidence."
-- Catherine, Parent since 1998